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Magazine F Art book

Magazine F Art Book

The first five issues of Magazine F, with new content, photos and interviews, in a beautiful hard bound format.


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From the Publisher’s Note:

Looking back, I often saw an endless stream of customers at an ordinary-looking neighborhood bakery. There were various types of people in the window that I happened to look into as I passed by. Students buying plain bread and milk to appease their hunger in the morning, office workers choosing nutritious sandwiches for a hearty meal during lunchtime, and sweet desserts for someone waiting at home or for themselves in the evening. I saw the back of the packaging. Maybe the bakery is the space that fills my daily life the most abundantly.  

In  Magaine F: BREAD , we looked at the influence and value of ‘bread’, which has infinite technological and artistic possibilities, beyond everyday staple food. I hope it will be a time to fall in love with the world of ‘bread’, which has a variety of charms, from the nice shape and feel to the savory aroma, addictive texture, and mouthfeel. It would be perfect if you read it with your favorite bread or a piece of bread you want to try new.

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