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MagazineF Yogurt

YOGURT, No. 24

Another food in a state of transformation, proving that milk, like people, improves with age.


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2 Intro

8 Letter from F

12 Spoonful of Yogurt

Yogurt bowls on social media

16 Dairy Farm Journal

Rose and Glenn Atherton run a thirdgeneration farm that balances a hightech system and the human realm

24 The Micro-Dairy

St David Dairy is leading the trend of high-quality yogurt

34 From Melbourne to Sydney

Trendy cafés and restaurants that offer a taste of the Australian lifestyle

61 Academic Manual

Yogurt history, tradition, and trends

80 F Cut

Different textures that bring about colorful variations of yogurt

90 Interview

90 Andrew McConnell

The owner-chef of Gimlet says some fascinating aspects of yogurt match his culinary philosophy

100 Arman Uz

This yogurt enthusiast and executive chef of Anason fuses traditional Turkish cuisine into Australian culinary culture

110 Less is Better

People who recharge with yogurt

122 5 Players

Leaders and emerging powerhouses in the yogurt market

130 Interview

130 Kwangrak Hong

The Maeil fermented milk R&D researcher says Maeil manages every variable for consistent flavor until the yogurt products reach the consumer

136 Post Yogurt

Plant-based dairy alternatives brands at the vanguard of the future yogurt industry

140 Retail

From organic markets to specialty stores, a range of shops that offer quality yogurt products

146 Tools

Assorted tools related to yogurt

148 City Dive

A city guide by F

150 References

Recommended books on yogurt

152 Outro 157 Index


Yogurt is one of the most popular dairy products made by fermenting milk and converting lactose into lactic acid. It is widely enjoyed across the globe in various ways, and some variations have positioned themselves as iconic foods for certain cultures, such as lassi from India, ayran from the Middle East, and açaí bowl from Hawaii. In a bowl of yogurt, milk’s nutrients are kept intact while the substances are prevented from going sour. Such strengths have promoted yogurt as one of the best healthy food products, and its market has continuously grown, thanks to popular demand for wellness and a healthy lifestyle. The market is now seeing a new landscape shaped by rising game-changers such as artisan and strained yogurt.

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