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WATER, No. 30

Water. Here forever. Essential Forever. Everywhere. US.


Available on: June 1, 2024

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Water, which has been circulating from the starting point of civilization, is an essential resource for life support and a basic ingredient that cannot be missed in the cooking process. In addition to making different flavors depending on the mineral composition and salinity contained in each water, it also adjusts the usage and the time of input to bring out or change the flavor of certain ingredients. Water, which is a natural resource, has become a consumer good under the luxury strategy established by companies that want to sell clean water as environmental pollution worsens, but the voice of protecting water resources from the recent climate crisis is also increasing. In particular, the cases in Finland, Norway, and Germany, which have a system that allows all citizens to enjoy good water quality tap water, show a high level of welfare based on a solid social consensus that looks at water as a public good.

Whether it’s a company or a community, I think they have to pay for the damage they caused themselves in a number of areas, including water or energy. Especially when it comes to water. Shouldn’t we be held accountable for the damage caused by companies that emit a lot of waste and continue the seawater desalination process? I don’t think the cost of companies that use eco-friendly energy and those that don’t should be the same.

Alexi Levin, Co-Founder of Desolenator

In front of nature, we are just very small beings. It’s a meaningful lesson that water taught me. In an isolated environment, you have to trust yourself and your colleagues around you, as well as the anxiety and fears inside you, and the mistakes that have destroyed nature. Water contains all the laws of life and nature.

Anika Madsen, Head chief of Iris

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