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OLIVE, No. 22

The food at the center of Mediterranean cuisine, which is the center of western cuisine.


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What does olive mean to you?”

From flesh to oil, we asked people who fell in love with the irreplaceable charm of olives.

Vasilis Leonidou , Executive Chef of ‘Avli’ Vasilis Leonidou, Executive Chef

Avli, a restaurant located on Crete Island, has olive oil at the center of his gastronomy, and uses the subtle nuances and reverberations of olives’ flavors. It focuses on realizing the traditional taste of Crete.


“Olive oil has completely changed my life as a food ingredient, companion, and sometimes even a hobby. Perhaps that is why it is very encouraging and welcome to see that the quality of Greek olive oil is improving every year. In particular, Greek olive oil contains polyphenols, I believe that it will attract more attention in the future because it has many useful ingredients, so it has the advantage of being bitter, spicy, and uniquely sweet.”

Seoryeong Chang
Chef Jang Seo -ryeong, who runs a pop-up restaurant and workshop under the name of ‘Apunto Seo’, olives are an essential ingredient in Spanish cuisine and a memory that evokes her experiences while studying

abroad .

β€œI tend to use olive oil a lot when cooking Spanish dishes such as tapas. I use the freshness and spice of olive oil as a point when making sauces and mayonnaise, grilling or frying ingredients, and even the final touch. You may think that it is greasy on its own, but when it is combined with other materials, the disadvantages are offset and the synergy that brings out the charm of the material is great.”


Olive, the fruit of the olive tree, has a cultivation history of more than thousands of years and has had a profound impact on food culture. Recognized as a perfect botanical fat and a source of high-quality energy, it is also sacred as a symbol of abundance and peace thanks to its unique vitality that survives even in harsh environments. Countries in the Mediterranean basin, such as Greece, Italy, Spain and Algeria, produce more than 2,000 species of olives, and the olive oil produced by pressing olive berries has been called β€˜liquid gold’ and has been the backbone of the Mediterranean diet. Among them, extra virgin olive oil is the only ingredient in which there is an official certification evaluation method and is present on the table of people around the world.

“Olives, like the alphabet, are the basic elements of the Greek cuisine. There will be no Greek recipe that doesn’t contain olive oil. I can’t even imagine my kitchen without olive oil.”

Alexander Chotinis, Owner Chef of CTC

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