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Coffee that stays true to its mission, and customers can taste it in every cup.


Intelligentsia is part of the
Coffee. Extend your experience with this issue with these nutritious dishes. We hope you like our plating.

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2 Intro
Coffee can be found just about anywhere today. However, the coffee culture has a relatively short history and still faces the need for a set of standards for what it takes to make great tasting coffees. This is what has motivated Intelligentsia into starting its coffee business.

10 Understanding
Although we pop into our favorite coffee bar every day, there may still be quite a few things to learn about coffee. Here we explore how extensive coffee can be in variety and how roasting influences flavor.

26 Into the Market
Intelligentsia currently runs coffee bars in Chicago and Los Angeles. B visited Chicago, home to the groundbreaking coffee brand, to have an inside look.

36 Manner
Somewhat disproportionate to the reputation and significance,Intelligentsia operated only seven coffee bars in the United States. They are, however, packed with carefully chosen details that present a comprehensive take on the coffee brand. The company’s sincere in attitude impresses its customers who get to watch the coffee-making process. The bright design ideas further add uniqueness to the coffee experience.

52 Into the Culture
To learn more about Intelligentsia, B endeavored to find out the tastes and preferences of the company’s baristas. They also witnessed coffee expanding its scope to become a delicacy through fine-dining restaurants.

77 B’s cut
Through the process of preparing coffee, Intelligentsia demonstrates its unmatched earnestness. B shines a spotlight on every step.

92 Brand Story
The founder and key figures were interviewed in Chicago and Los Angeles. They clearly expressed their thoughts on coffee and their brand based on their well-founded philosophy. B offers its own account of the minds of Intelligentsia’s leadership.

122 Outro
Many of Intelligentsia’s customers find themselves becoming part of the authentic coffee experience. In this issue, B hopes to pass on the beauty of what has become a cultural phenomenon of tremendous significance, coffee, to its readers.


Started with a small coffee house in Chicago in 1995, Intelligentsia is a leading specialty coffee company and has grown to compete with major coffee chains. Along with Blue Bottle Coffee, one of the innovators of the “third wave” coffee movement, many of the habits, tastes and practices we take for granted around high end coffee originated, or were perfected, at Intelligentsia. The coffee company believes that everyone, from customers to coffee growers, needs to have thorough knowledge of what it takes to create and maintain a better coffee culture.

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