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COFFEE — Most of us know most of our coffee through cafes. This bundle includes three of the most interesting retailers, and Magazine F’s “COFFEE”. Enjoy with, well… you know…


COFFEE BUNDLE is part of the
COFFEE. Extend your experience with this issue with these nutritious dishes. We hope you like our plating.

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Coffee Bundle includes 3 issues of Magazine B and the Magazine F Coffee issue, to provide you a one click coffee collection. 

Blue Bottle Coffee was established by the clarinet player-turned-coffee guru James Freeman in 2002. Freeman established firm footing for the brand’s distinct coffee culture based on his experience selling drip coffee from a cart at farmers’ markets. His secret is to focus entirely on the delicate nuances of coffee beans and hospitality-based individualized service. Somewhat of a unicorn in the coffee world, Blue Bottle Coffee has attracted significant investments from Silicon Valley, and has steadily expanded across the US, with far-flung locations in Tokyo and Seoul.

In 2013, Kenneth Shoji started coffee brand % Arabica as a small café in Hong Kong. Then, in 2014, the brand opened a global flagship store in Kyoto, Japan, under its “See the world through coffee” motto. One decade later, there are now more than 130 % Arabica stores all across Asia, the Middle East, and in major cities like New York City and London. The striking % logo and store design capture the spirit of Japanese minimalism, which advocates for the purging of unnecessary things. Indeed, the brand’s strategic location selection in iconic places coupled with its coffee quality control system are seen as qualities that helped % Arabica quickly become a rising global franchise.

Started with a small coffee house in Chicago in 1995, Intelligentsia is a leading specialty coffee company and has grown to compete with major coffee chains. Along with Blue Bottle Coffee, one of the innovators of the “third wave” coffee movement, many of the habits, tastes and practices we take for granted around high end coffee originated, or were perfected, at Intelligentsia. The coffee company believes that everyone, from customers to coffee growers, needs to have thorough knowledge of what it takes to create and maintain a better coffee culture.

MAGAZINE F: COFFEE, is a unique overview of coffee — from the remote fields and mountains in which its grown on almost every continent, to the varying cultures that each region develops around growing harvesting, processing and selling coffee to feed the world’s unquenchable search, shortly after waking up.

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