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BREAD, No. 26

Bread — the staff of life — so many different expressions of flour, water, time and heat around the world.


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Bread is made by fermenting and baking dough that contains water, yeast, and salt to grain flour. The raw material is simple, but depending on how you control the time, temperature, fermentation process, etc., endless taste and shape of bread are created. The history of bread, which dates back to more than 10,000 years ago, started as a staple food and has expanded its role to snack bread and dessert bread with side ingredients such as fat, butter, egg, and sugar. Now, we are developing baking techniques and recipes that match each person’s preferences and taste by adding from specialized bakeries to food companies, fine dining restaurants.

Making bread is an hourly task. Of course, if you add various additives, you can shorten the time it takes to ferment, etc. It’s to reduce costs, and I don’t think it’s natural to artificially shorten the time required in the bread making process. Time is an essential ‘existence’ that creates the taste and texture of bread.

Travers Gulliver & Fergus Henderson, Co-founder of St. JOHN Restaurant

Bread is a magic and an alchemy. You get a lot more than you put in. In some fine dining gods, there was a view that you had to serve various kinds of bread as well as butter with various flavors and aromas as a high-quality chef.

Isaac McHale , Owner chef of The Clove Club

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