About Magazine B


Magazine F’s sister publication, Magazine B, tells the complete story of well-balanced global brands.

Each issue of Magazine B offers readers a 360-degree perspective on each brands, giving readers a documentary-style view of its people, products, customers and community. More than just marketing, Magazine B reveals how great brands influence the company’s management, operations, and product development, and much more. 

Magazine B has published 87 issues since 2011, including titles on YouTube, Chanel, Porsche, Ikea, and cities such as Seoul, Kyoto, Berlin and Portland

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Every issue of B examines how the brand balances four elements, beauty, practicality, price and philosophy, to realize their goals of service to their owners, employees, customers and communities.

Magazine B’s unique insights and in-depth analysis about how the brand was invented, how it’s managed, maintained and presented to the world offers readers a new way to look at the brands the world lives with everyday.

Magazine B Pyramid


Magazine B is for everyone who is curious about the brands that shape our lives as business owners, employees and consumers. 

From marketing managers to fans of the brands featured in each issue, as well as consumers interested in branding, marketing and business, Magazine B readers will have a better understanding of the world’s most interesting brands.